Tuesday, 26 February 2008

sun,sea,sand..............well sand ...

Went to the beach with kerry and logan this weekend as it was raining and glass was busy.also due to the yts lads at blogger.com this is now my bloggg.if you want to see my first post on last weeks e mail its here;
this one fucked up due to sign in problems but its only one post.
also some good shit on youtube at the bottom.each one has more parts so just click on the links to the next part of each.the rest of the parts will be in the sidebar of the youtube page.(wig if your listning you should check out the nick drake one)
nick drake part 2
chris rock part 2

cazza and sara were up last weekend and logan hijacked the smallwood birthday cake.he only got away with it due to beaing cute and smiling at everybody.

seen this truck on the way to the beach.they seem to cram alot in there.you may have to click on the image to see..

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